Acrylic on canvas
60cm x 160cm (2 canvases 60cm x 80cm) 
This a VERY LARGE statement piece on two canvases. Traditional canvas with a painted edge. No Frame Required. Ready to hang.
I had never seen the Severn Bore in person before although I've lived near the river for much of my life so took the opportunity to view the spectacle at Arlingham Passage one morning. 
I painted it in two parts to emphasise the number of surfers who only managed a few seconds on the crest of the wave! Researching the phenomenon later I learnt that apparently because the river meanders so much it's possible to jump into your van and rush to another section in time to be ready and waiting again...
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This painting is FOR SALE: £845
The price includes insured delivery within the mainland UK, normally within 3-5 days. We are happy to ship anywhere else in the world subject to additional charge - please ask for a quote - and if there is any further information you would like please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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